Meeting with an architect

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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I can't remember ever feeling so excited as when I went to the first meeting with our architect Jefferson Godfrey. All that possibility, all the ideas, the clean slate! I've become so obsessed with floorplans in the last 18 months. I am amazed how much of a difference to the enjoyment of life a good layout can make. Having lived in a house with a terrible layout and design, I have come to believe the new house will be life-changing. It will increase our level of day-to-day happiness and facilitate our relationship as a family.

I went to Jefferson with a pencil sketch of a floorplan that allowed for winter sun in all living areas and a good shaped backyard. I was comforted by his enthusiasm. He suggested a two pavilion approach, a living pavilion and a private sleeping pavilion, joined together by glass entry. The entry solved so many problems, including how to design with the slope of the block, and is a great defining feature of the house.

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