Our old house

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Our old house is about to be knocked down. It was a typical Canberra ex-govvie house that was plonked on a corner block at an awkward angle. It was west facing. Freezing in winter and boiling hot in summer. It had not been well maintained over the years. We bought it for the location and thought we'd do something to it after 5 years.

Although I never loved the house it has played witness to some special memories. The first night Dan and I stayed there we were sitting down to dinner at our 'card table' and I was crying because I hated the house. We had ripped up the carpet, the heating did not work and the house was barely habitable. It is funny how our parents generation are always saying when they first got married all they owned was a bed and a card table!

It was the house we brought our babies home to and we have so many precious memories there. I'm taking a gamble that I won't need the house to remember those times. I have also taken about 8,000 photos over the years!

Here are some photos of the old house. In keeping with common practice, they are black and white because they are in the past! I think these are her last days. The demo team is circling.

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