A Pettit and Sevitt house

Thursday, June 15, 2017

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There is a Pettit and Sevitt house near us that has recently been on the market.

If you have an interest in Australian architecture then you will know about Pettit and Sevitt. They were a popular home builder in the 60s and 70s who specialised in project homes that were functional and modern.

The home we saw was the home of Dr Ric Stand and his wife who bought the especially large (3000m2) and pie-shaped block in 1966. It has magnificent gardens with multiple outdoor areas and view into the valley.

What captivated me about this house was its concept of two pavilions joined by a glass entry way. I've seen this concept so many times and always loved it. It is the architectural feature that helped us solve the problem of building across our sloping block whilst ensuring both living spaces had north solar access.

I have waked past this house many times and always wanted to look beyond the garden. Like many homes from this era, the front of the house looked like the back of the house. This was because of an understanding of the importance of the flow of the living spaces and the yard. Ahead of their time. 

I don't know why they stopped building this way in the first place. With all that we know now about solar orientation and how people want to move about their homes, so many homes are still built without any consideration of the modern needs of people, the orientation and the block itself.

^ Blue tiles brought back from Delhi

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