Influences for Chifley House

Sunday, September 24, 2017

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^ This image of Diane Von Furstenberg's Connecticut home 'Cloudwalk' is an old favourite of mine.
It's so inviting and timeless. I think you would live a good life here.

For passers by, our new house must seem at once both unexpected and common-looking. Devoid of unnecessary ornamentation and architectural flourishes, it is essentially two pavilions joined by a glassy entry way. The roofs are simple gables with raked eaves. The exterior is clad in Scyon Linea, a modern-day weatherboard solution. The windows are dark aluminium frames from which I insisted all unnecessary transoms be removed. 

Our house is in a contemporary style that I have seen coming out of the States from the likes of Nick Noyes and Tim Cuppett architects. The look is modern and classic at the same time and my hope is that it will age well.

Contemporary architecture is not quite the same as the modern farmhouse style that is taking the world by storm. It is cleaning up the lines of traditional architecture. It considers the environment, site and climate. It is creative and doesn't necessarily require a big budget. Contemporary architecture is understated modernism.

^^ Youngren Road by GTH Architects. A modern updated form.

 ^Barwon Heads by Pleysier Perkins. Lovely dark trim windows against white weatherboard.

^ Bunny Run by Tim Cuppett Architects. Another house with a glassy breezeway entry. Love those simple square windows.

Healdsburg Residence by Nick Noyes Architecture. Another multi pavilion house with a glass entry way.
A popular house for photo shoots.

I also have a thing for off centre windows. It looks so interesting and playful. Building on a corner block meant we needed to have two fronts. The front of the house was easy, it was the front of the house with the garage, front door and letter box. But the side of the house was the first facade that people see when they come to our house. This was a great place to accentuate a simple gable facade with an offset square window balanced by an existing plum tree.

^ Chifley House undergoing her cladding recently.
Love the way the little window is balanced by the plum tree next to it.

^ Undermountain by O'Neill Rose Architects.

^ Clearview Chalet by AKB.

We have another larger off-centre window on the North end of the other pavilion gable but I've not been able to photograph it yet. There is nothing quite like a nice big piece of glass when it is put in the right spot.

^ Vacation Cottage by Mon Huset.

^ Summer House by Mikael Bergquist Architects.

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